We are a team of dedicated Hearing Aid Audiologists and support staff. Based in Harpenden, Hertfordshire, we welcome patients from throughout the UK and around the world.

Robert Beiny

Director of Audiology

Audiology has provided me an amazing opportunity to travel the world, providing audiological guidance to clients, to educate professional peers and to learn from researchers. It also introduced me to the most important person in my life, my wife Ali, who is involved in helping to guide the Practice’s direction.

Now entering my 5th decade in audiology, I have an ever-deepening appreciation of how hearing well is so important, not only for connecting us with the world we are immersed in, but also for our general and mental health. I can really empathise with our clients and, in many cases, I’ve developed a deep respect for them. I am also proud to say that I have known some of my clients for as long as I’ve been practicing. Our life paths are now entwined and we follow each other, decade after decade.

My quest for knowledge and to find more ways to help my clients is never ending and I am as passionate about my work today as I have ever been – it’s just a shame that I’m now considered one of the ‘wise old men of the audiology world’ because I feel like I’m just starting out!

My favourite sounds? From the peace and quiet of the house rocked by the gentle tick of our grandfather clock, to the opening bars of my favourite Bruce Springsteen track.

Jo Rae


After completing my Psychology degree, I realised that I wanted to work in a profession where I could make a real difference to people’s lives. As a result I became a trainee at the Hearing Healthcare Practice in 2005, going on to qualify as a Hearing Aid Audiologist.

I really enjoy working with clients and love helping them to achieve better hearing, it’s an incredibly rewarding role – even when we have a challenging client, we never ever give up on them. Rising to every challenge is what sets us apart. And, with this in mind, I’m delighted to have been commended in the Audiologist of the Year Awards three times.

Outside work, I love traveling and experiencing difference cultures and food. I also love spending time with my friends and family, and going to the theatre.

And my favourite sound? Simple. Laughter!

Sanna Aziz


Towards the end of my undergraduate degree in Environmental science I started thinking about my next step. After graduation what did I want to do? For my final year dissertation I carried out an evaluation of the technological support and services available for students with hearing impairments in higher education, which sparked my interest in to the field of healthcare and more specifically, Audiology. So, I contacted a local Audiology practice and was offered the opportunity to shadow their work. At the same time I also carried out volunteer work in the NHS.

After these experiences I knew Audiology was the right career choice for me. I completed my MSc in Audiological Science with Clinical Practice at the University College of London, which included experience within an NHS Audiology department.

I joined HHP in 2015. What really drew me to the Practice was its ethos; providing a holistic approach, individual treatment plans and a person-centred aftercare programme that ensures we look after our patients throughout their journey. Adjusting to a hearing aid takes time so dedicated aftercare is vital.

Audiology combines all of my interests, from working with the latest scientific innovations and technology to being able to meet lots of people and make a difference in their lives. Every patient I see is unique and every journey is different so no day is the same. I love what I do and would not dream of being in any other profession.

I especially love that ‘light bulb’ moment when you switch on a hearing aid and see the smile on your patient’s face as they finally hear the sound they were looking for. To be a part of that moment is a rare privilege.

And finally…. my favourite sound? The steady beat of rain…

Ali Beiny


It seems like hearing and audiology have been a constant companion in my life, right back to my early childhood. My father, Lesley, was an audiologist and my brother, Graham, followed in his footsteps. I started work in the family audiology practice on Saturday mornings when I was just thirteen so I suppose it was fate that I should marry an audiologist!

I met Robert at an audiology conference in 1993 and we’ve been inseparable ever since. We moved to Hertfordshire in 1995, set up home, our Practice and started our family. I don’t get into the Practice as much as I would like these days but I spend lots of time behind the scenes with Robert planning and creating how we deliver our unique, holistic brand of hearing care.

We’re getting our kids involved too – Josh, our son – helps with remote IT support, and Jazz, our daughter, has started helping out on our photoshoots.

Outside the Practice, my interests include reading, gardening, walking our dog and, of course, looking after the family!

And my favourite sound? The happy snuffling noises our dog Noodles makes whenever I walk into the house!

Clare Rowlinson


I joined Hearing Healthcare Practice as receptionist and administrator in February 2015 and enjoy working here immensely. I have had an interesting and eclectic work history which has included forensic entomological research at the Natural History Museum and archaeological research. I’ve always been interested learning new skills and experiencing new things, have two Masters degrees and have learned several languages, most recently Korean. I love to travel too.

I have two grown up children, a dog, several cats, chickens and an allotment. My husband and I also own and manage four acres of semi natural woodland. So, you could say my life is quite full!

And my favourite sound? The fat, contented ‘bok’ of my chickens on a summer’s day.

Ros Weaver


Since joining Hearing Healthcare Practice in August 1998 I have been involved with many aspects of the organisation, its administration, and most importantly, communicating with patients.

I was born and educated in Harpenden and still live locally. I’m married with four grown up children and an ever increasing number of grandchildren, leaving very little time for hobbies or other pursuits.

I really enjoy welcoming patients to the Practice and making them feel relaxed and at ease.

My favourite sounds are gentle waves breaking, they’re calming, relaxing, with a sense of freedom, and therapeutic too!