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August 3, 2017

The Wisdom of Children

We recently discovered this engaging BBC Newsround video featuring a group of children with hearing loss explaining what people can do to help them to understand better. It’s great advice and true for anyone whose hearing has shifted. So please take a few minutes to watch and always remember that conversations are 2-way! If you click the link below you can watch the Newsround video...

August 1, 2017

Hearing and Travel – Some Useful Tips

At Hearing Healthcare Practice, we like to champion the supportive words of others and we are constantly in search of useful information to pass on. Lianna, one of our clients, has a blog hearingmagic which we regularly feature. We also follow Nicole who writes about travel and her hearing loss. Her latest posts highlights some useful tips for travelling with hearing loss....

July 27, 2017

“I’ll put it off till it gets worse”

Hearing Healthcare Practice Founder, Robert Beiny, writes; If I’ve heard that comment once in my professional life I’ve heard it a thousand times. But a study published this week in The Lancet and presented at The Alzheimer’s Association International Conference in London caught my eye. As an audiologist on the front line of dealing with how people react to the...

July 20, 2017

Hearing Loss in Middle Age and Dementia

Is there a connection between hearing loss in middle age and dementia? “Potentially it (hearing loss) is something you can do something about, which I think makes it really important to understand better.” Clive Ballard, professor of age-related disease at the University of Exeter. Audiologists are continually presented evidence from ongoing research indicating the link between cognitive change in adults and hearing loss....

July 10, 2017

A French Recipe to Make your Ears Pop!

As the summer in the UK has started early this year with extended fine weather, families are beginning to prepare for their annual summer holidays. For those of us lucky enough to be jetting off abroad it’s worthwhile remembering that, although aircraft are pressurised, this doesn’t always mean our ears easily adapt to pressure change. The ear has a natural mechanism...

May 30, 2017

Hearing Stories and Hearing Memories

This week we were fortunate to sit in and listen to Hearing Stories from Lianna, Sarah, Sally and Gordon who all took time to join us in the studio to tell their own stories about their journeys with us at Hearing Healthcare Practice. They all told of different experiences but one theme was constant: a system of hearing care that had failed them until they...

May 18, 2017

Know your Hearing

Sound, Pitch or Tone is described in terms of frequency and is expressed in Hertz (Hz). 1 Hertz equals one soundwave per second. Our ears are capable of hearing sounds with frequencies of up to around 16,000 Hz. But dogs can hear up to 45,000 Hz and mice up to 91,000Hz! The delicate hair cells in the inner ear are...

May 3, 2017

Hearing Telehealth – remote audiological support

Hearing Telehealth Telehealth: A noun, meaning the provision of healthcare remotely by means of telecommunications technology. We were excited a few years ago when we first heard about various Telehealth projects coming out of Silicon Valley, California. The opportunity for clinicians to support patients with online consultations was an exciting opportunity to help people like never before. In recent years,...

April 24, 2017

Clearly Speaking

A common comment we hear at the Hearing Healthcare Practice is: “If everyone spoke as clearly as you, I wouldn’t have any problem hearing!” We spend our working lives talking, educating and guiding our patients on their hearing healthcare journey so we have developed a way of speaking that improves our clients’ ability to understand and interact with us. Speaking slowly,...

April 10, 2017

NHS Hearing Aids or Private? A New Blog

  We’re delighted to be supporting Vicki Nielsen her journey ‘from NHS Hearing Aid to private’. If you’re considering your own treatment options, Vicki’s Blog will make very interesting reading. Click here to visit her Blog:   NHS hearing aids to private: my journey so far