Recognised on twelve occasions in the prestigious Audiologist of the Year Awards (our professions’ Oscars), Hearing Healthcare Practice in Harpenden is officially the UK’s most acclaimed hearing centre of excellence.

Year after year our audiologists, Jo Rae, Sanna Aziz and Robert Beiny are consistently nominated for the hotly contested competition by hundreds of clients and patients.

And 2016 has been no exception. This time we have won, not one, but two more Highly Acclaimed Commendations. This year the judges only awarded three Commendations nationwide so to have collected two of these  is an amazing achievement.

We are especially proud that Sanna has been recognised – the latest member of our team, Sanna only joined the Practice in 2015 after graduating from UCL with a Masters Degree in Audiology. This is a significant award  so early in her professional career and she now joins our other audiologists, Jo and Robert, both of whom are previous award recipients.

Among our twelve titles, individual awards and commendations, our founder, Robert Beiny, has won the ultimate award – the European Audiologist of the Year. It’s his vision, ethos and principles that have made the Hearing Healthcare Practice the UK’s best audiological centre of excellence:

Local hearing specialist is best in Europe

Harpenden based hearing specialist, Robert Beiny, really listens to people. In fact, his patients are so impressed with his dedication to their hearing healthcare they have helped to crown him UK and, now, European Audiologist of the Year.

The Audiologist of the Year Awards was set up by battery manufacturer, Rayovac, with industry organisation EHIMA (European Hearing Instrument Manufacturers Association) and Industry publication Audio Infos and are judged by an expert panel working from written submissions from patients. The Awards are open to private hearing healthcare practices, retail chains and public health organisations, (in the UK, the NHS), and give patients the opportunity to recognise the UK’s best hearing specialists, those who go beyond the call of duty to provide outstanding service.

Having been awarded the UK Audiologist of the Year accolade, Robert Beiny went forward to represent the UK in the European finals held in Nuremberg, Germany, alongside regional winners from all across Europe. And it was last week, at the largest hearing event in Europe, the European Union of Hearing Acousticians (EUHA), that he was crowned overall winner – Europe’s best hearing aid audiologist.

Robert Beiny is Director of Audiology and founder of Hearing Healthcare Practice in Harpenden. Apart from his principal awards, together with his colleagues Jo Rae and Sanna Aziz, Hearing Healthcare Practice have so far received an impressive total of 12 individual awards and Highly Acclaimed Commendations.

A Dedicated Professional

During a distinguished 40-year career Robert Beiny has been a prominent campaigner for patient welfare, and is the past Chair of the Association of Hearing Healthcare Professionals (AIHHP).

Robert received multiple nominations for the Audiologist of the Year Award, but the judging panel were particularly impressed by his unparalleled dedication to patient care – summed up in the nomination he received from Hertfordshire-based, Sue Reeves.

Sue voted for Robert on behalf of her father, Charles Peck, detailing the support Robert provided to her family after her father suffered a stroke which left him completely deaf in one ear and with limited hearing in the other – a situation made worse by the fact that his existing hearing aid had been damaged during his stroke.

Robert impressed the judges by making exceptional efforts to rapidly assess the situation, visiting Charles in hospital several times, firstly to do what he could to fix his existing hearing aid (provided by another company), and then identifying a device that would meet his changed needs more appropriately.

It was in fitting the new hearing aid that Robert clearly demonstrated his exceptional professional skills, choosing a device to meet Charles’ unique hearing requirements without the need for multiple fittings.

Crucially, Robert also chose a hearing aid that would be easy for Charles’ family and careers to help him with.

On winning the Award, Robert Beiny said;

“This is a tremendous honour both for me, and for the Hearing Healthcare Practice. Every audiologist at the Practice was individually nominated for the Award, demonstrating that commitment to patient care is the ethos of the entire practice. We are a team, and the award is as much for my colleagues as it is for me.

“This is the biggest award an audiologist can win during their career and it’s particularly rewarding that it’s voted for by patients and recognised by my peers.”

“Recognition is always pleasing, but this Award confirms that I have achieved my goal of making a difference to someone’s quality of life. That’s something I’m immensely proud of and I would like to thank Sue, and all those who nominated me and the other members of the Hearing Healthcare Practice team.”
Paula Brinson-Pyke from Award organisers, Rayovac, said;

“Robert is an outstanding winner of the European Audiologist of the Year Award. He has been a prominent and respected figure in the hearing healthcare industry for many years and a strong campaigner for people with hearing problems.

“Patients come from far and wide to his practice in Harpenden, and it’s fitting that they have voted for him in large numbers. It has been an excellent year for the competition which attracted a record level of entries and we have an excellent winner, demonstrating once again the high standard of care provided by hearing professionals.”

About the Hearing Healthcare Practice

Hearing Healthcare Practice was formed in 1994 as a hearing aid audiological centre of excellence.

As well as helping people to hear, the Practice provides individual and organisational guidance on hearing conservation.

Under the guidance of Robert Beiny, Jo and Sanna also act as a consultants to the music industry, advising many famous professional and amateur musicians on issues of hearing protection and healthcare. The Practice’s diverse client list covers all ages and all walks of life.

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